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What is Alexa Ranking? How to Improve your Website Popularity?

How to Improve Your Alexa Ranking in 30 Days or Less

Today, most individuals and businesses have a website for themselves; a website that identifies their services or their programs, or even blogs that they write. Well, that’s right and so great. But the most important challenge that comes to your mind after launch is how to increase your site’s visibility. You might not realize that the increase in visits to the site, in addition to bringing more customers to you, benefits. So let me first briefly tell you what benefits your site really has on your site.

  • Improving Alexa Ranking: As you increase your site’s visibility, the Alexa Ranking of your site decreases and your site gets better rank.
  • Increasing sales: Every customer gets more visits to your site, which means more users will visit you, more users will get to know your site, and so you’ll find more customers.

A recommendation before reading this article

In order to increase your site visitors and increase your site ranking, you need to have a lot of backgrounds on SEO, content and more. I have put a lot of links in this article that may be confusing at first glance and you will be able to look at the words of your Word. But knowing all the items I have provided to them with supplementary links is obligatory and the level of information for all readers is not limited. Therefore, I suggest that you first read a complete round of the article and, finally, study the fuller links in the sections that require additional descriptions. In this way, your focus will be maintained until the end of the article, and in the end, read the supplementary materials.

But there are many ways to increase site visits. In this article, we will highlight the most important, most convenient, and most efficient ways to increase your site traffic. To make it easier, I’ll put a section for this section and I’ll divide the ways to increase site visits in three parts.

  • Raising site visits through content
  • Increase site visit through ads
  • Increasing site visit through SEO
  • Increase site visits through social networks
  • Increase site visit via email newsletter
  • Analysis and analysis

Content - Increase site visitRaising site visits through content

I can dare say that content is the most important factor in improving the Alexa Ranking and increasing the visibility of your site and blog. We have written a lot about content. I will add some explanations in this article and add more links to more detailed discussions.

1. Create good content

Did you wonder Well, it turns out you should produce good content. The essence of the content story is summarized in four.

  • Content strategy: I have explained to you in a full article and strongly recommend that you go to the content strategy after reading this article.
  • Content Generation: For this, we also have a series of content tutorials for beginners, as well as a supplementary content supplement for content that fully completes the content story.
  • Content Distribution: One of the parts of the same content series that we are dealing with is complete.
  • Content analysis and analysis: I will deal with this at the end of this article. But I’d like to point out briefly that it’s the best tool for analyzing Google Analytics content, which is a complete guide to analytics available on the site.

1- Create a variety of content forms

Let me first imagine all the rest. There is no magic formula for content marketing. But there is one very important thing in the middle: if you are good, you do not have to look for ways to promote and distribute content, your users share it with you and this is the best marketing method for you. (I do not say you do not need it at all, I say you need less) But how good are you?

First of all, do not think about the 5,000-word article though, please spell out the content every time. Content can take many forms; movies, photos, infographics, graphics, animations and more. So create different forms of content. When you create different forms of content, you actually cover different tastes and this will make more users come to you. This will increase your website traffic and improve site rankings.


2. Write cool titles

Topics ( Headlines ) are one of the most important parts of your content. Even the most complete blog post will not be read without an attractive and convincing title. Let me give you an interesting hit, according to one of the statistics on the Wordstream website, the authors of BuzzFeed and Upworthy sites change each and every one that they write for their blog posts more than 20 times to find the best possible one. Because they are well aware of the miracles of these titles. You do not overlook this miracle. Be attractive and convince the user that your content is useful to him.

Increase site visit through ads

Advertising has a very positive impact on increasing your site’s visitors and driving more traffic. By and large, these advertisements have raised Alexa’s rank (boosting means improving). But every kind of advertisement has its own pitfalls and issues, which, if not done well, will only waste your time and money. I will introduce these methods to you.

1- Google Advertising

As you know, today a large volume of users are searching for their needs on the Internet. These users are your potential customers. Suppose you have an online bookstore. On the other hand, there are many users who search the term “buy books” on the Internet.

Google’s advertising is that you pay Google for specific keywords, such as “buying a book”, to Google to show you the top of the search results. The cost you pay to Google in this way is per click on your website. Therefore, one of the most targeted and effective ways to advertise you. But, as I explained above, Google ads have a lot of things to do. For more information on this, see the Google Adwords FAQ or contact our experts and ask for help. (No. 63404-021)


2- Advertisement Advertisement

Reproduction is a kind of advertising for your business, which is presented as a report (written text) on very popular sites. Reputation has many benefits for you. If you write attractive content and introduce your business well, a lot of users will get to know you and your services because, as I said, re-posting advertisements on top of the site. So reportage is one of the best ways to increase your site’s visibility.

Additionally, adverting ads to your site is also highly effective, as you are reposting several links from different sections of your site. So with this, you’re building some backlinks for your website.

If this description is not enough for you and you intend to know more, just go to the RePortay Advertising Release Series on our website.

3- Banery advertisement

The banner advertising is that you design a banner and for a specific time you put it on one of the banners of one of the most popular websites. This method has a good impact on your brand and Awareness, but the cost of advertising is usually high. So, if your advertising budget is limited, I would not recommend this method to you. But if your business grows well and you’re looking for branding, your advertising budgets are well-suited, the banner ads are very suitable for you and can also increase your site visitors. For more information on this method, see the banner ads page.

Raise site visitIncreasing site visit through SEO


SEO is a process by which the hand is in the hands of the content. These two together help one another grow up and there are many of their topics shared. SEO, or SEO optimization for search engines, is still one of the most important and valuable things you can do for your site. I will introduce you the most important factors you need to visit your site.




1- Check the On-Page Caution

There are a few very important points about the SEO inside the pages or on- page that has a huge impact on the increase in your site visit. In the following, I’ll tell you the following.

  1. Write Url on all your pages in English and use keywords. (Try not to use too long Url.
  2. Use the tags H1, H2, H3, and so on. This will make your pages more readable to Google; Google will give you a higher ranking and increase the traffic to your site.
  3. Use the image in your content and make sure you use the tag (Alt Tag)
  4. Make sure your site for mobile and tablet responsive to. (You can read the full version of the Responsive or Responsive Website Guide )
  5. Internal Lynxis: The power of your site links is not limited to the clippings you take on other sites. If you create a powerful internal linking link inside your site, it will have a fantastic impact on your site.
  6. Place the social sharing button on your site.

And, of course, we have a complete and comprehensive article about SEO that you can read about the SEO page in the article.

2. Use the guest’s post, persuade others to leave a guest post

I can see the grin on the face of many of you closed role. You tell me with hangings, “How old is your dad, and when you use a guest post!” Instead of laughing at this, think that publishing a guest post at a prestigious site will drive traffic to your site. Guest is a double transaction. Also, for the site that uses this post, is the author who writes this post. When you sign up for other blog posts, it’s a great opportunity for you to introduce your blog to other people and attract enthusiasts to your blog. This simple technique is very effective in increasing your site’s visibility and new readers will get to know you… I do not need to emphasize that it is up to you to produce high-quality content? (We have an article in the blog called Reverse Guest Technique which is definitely useful and interesting for you)

Exactly the picture of this story is true.

Guest to visit the site

3. Target Long-Tail Keyword

These long-tail keywords are very important in several ways. Before I explain these matters to you, with an example, I’m going to highlight the superb performance of your long tail keywords. Imagine being a coffee shop online and selling a variety of coffee. Now consider the following two situations:

You target a short keyword like ” coffee “: yes, of course. this word has an average of 22/200 words. But is this a good choice for you? Absolutely not. Firstly, this word is not intended at all. Because there are thousands of reasons for people to get some coffee, for example, what are the qualities of coffee? What is composed of? What are its types? How to make it and … So the likelihood that these people will become your customer is very low, and this will lower your site’s conversion rates. On the other hand, the competition in such a word is extremely difficult, and you can not easily rank for these easily. In contrast to this false choice, in the next item. I will give you a valid selection of keywords.

You are targeting the keyword “buying coffee”: it’s true that this word has an average of 140 clicks per month and is much less than the word “coffee”, but it is a very tangible word. The probability that people who buy coffee will buy from you much more than the high. In addition, it’s less competitive, and it’s easier to rank in Google.

This is something I explained to you, one of the most important issues in choosing keywords that many businesses do not care about. If you would like to know more about this, see the long article articles on our blog.

4. Look for referral traffic

Instead of persuading other websites to give you backlinks, generate content that is so robust and complete that web pages automatically link you. This is exactly what we did on the new blog. We tried to produce the most complete and optimal content on every topic, and we have put a lot of time and now many websites are linking to us. Following is a screenshot of Google Analytics, a new site for you to see the referral traffic of our site.

Raising the website

5. Use the Skid Microdistry

Skiing is a very long topic and there is no way to fully address it. In a very simple sketch definition, there are signs and tokens that make reading your site content easier for Google’s robots. To know more precisely why and how you can read the sketch article and how to use it in Samira on our blog. Using skies on your own does not increase traffic to your site, but as I said, it makes it easier for search engines to understand your content and get your pages indexed faster. Also, the Skyscraper Rich Snippet ricks up your site and this increases your click rate.

6. Write powerful snippets for your pages

The snippet is called the SEO title and your meta description. A lot of sites are sweeping away from these snippets. But I dare to say that these snippets are one of the most important factors in increasing your site’s visibility. but how?

Have you heard that they say the first deal is very important and has a great impact on people’s attitude towards you, or is the most important and influential counseling session of the very first meeting in the interviews? The story is the same on your site, and in fact, Snippet plays the role of this first encounter. If your content is as useful as the comments of Einstein, it will be functional and hands-on, if you do not write a good snippet for your page, you will not attract the user.

Snippets are in fact the gateway for users to access your site. When a user searches for a phrase in Google, his first encounter with yours is the same two lines of meta description and one SEO line. Altogether, there are not three lines, but there are as many as three thousand lines. An attractive snippet will make more users click on your site. In fact, by writing a good snippet, you’ve got the user’s hand and you’ve invited him to the site with a rustle, then if you receive him with good content that will leave him lasting, otherwise he will close his bag and his baggage… I repeat once again; time for your snapped, if you do not spend time on anything else.

Increase Site Visits through Social NetworksAsk for social networking

It’s not enough to create superb content and to pray to find its users. In order for your content to reach users, you will need many other things. One of the most important of these is social networking. Social networks are one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your site, and if you go ahead with a well-organized schedule, it will have an amazing effect on increasing your site’s visibility. Each social network has its own specific feature, each of which asks for its own activity, which I will explain in the following. But before, I’ll give you a personal example.

I can almost say that I personally got half of my article traffic through Linkedin. Of course, I always pay close attention to the text I chose to present the article, and I am counting and, as a general rule, very impressive results. I will give you two examples of these texts.

LinkedIn Marketing and Content Strategy: Based on analytics statistics, it is clicked on 237 times and the article itself has been shared more than 30 times on different social networks.

LinkedIn My Text for 100 Years Business: This article, based on the statistics of 228, has been linked to LinkedIn and has been shared more than 20 times on different social networks.

But every social network has its own characteristics.

Twitter:  If you want to link to your site via Twitter, make sure your textbook is short, tempting, and sometimes challenging. In the case of Twitter, we have a complete article called the Comprehensive Guide on Twitter that you can read.

Google Plus:  Google Plays To Help Increase Site Visibility. Particularly, the importance of Google+ is a multiplier in B2B businesses.

Instagram: Unlike Google Plus, which is highly suited to B2B businesses, Instagram is a feed for B2C businesses and those who work with end users. Put your site link in BIO and if your flavors are over 10K, you can share the links of different sections of your site in your Instagram stories.

LinkedIn: Linkedin is one of the best networks to increase traffic to your site. What my personal experience is in LinkedIn, says LinkedIn, people are more interested in companies. So in my opinion, in addition to posting to your Linkedin business, you will also be active on your own LinkedIn. You can even have an active presence in LinkedIn with your colleagues and write posts about your business.

And now, ultimately, if you’re going to be successful in social networks in general, go to the single article on the success of social networking on the blog’s blog.

Increase traffic by emailDo not overlook marketing email

Almost most businesses nowadays understand the content of the kingdom and they care about the content of their site. This is a very happy affair in the Internet world. The content is definitely needed, but not enough. One of the important steps in content marketing is the promotion of content, how you promote your content and how to get it to your users. Maybe tell me the answer to that, so it’s definitely different; Google. Yes, of course, Google is the most important tool for promoting content and many users access Google. But that’s not enough.

There are other ways to promote content and is one of the best ways to create an email newsletter and post weekly or monthly articles or blogs for members of the newsletter. This way, you can upgrade your site and, more importantly, find a constant reader for your blog. We’ve posted email marketing in detail in our blog. For more on this topic, see the Email Marketing Training Series.

Analysis and analysis

On the other hand, know that if you do this very well, especially in the analysis of your own work, you will be far ahead of your rivals. Many businesses do not have a good visibility to their competitors, or they only know the name, if you need to constantly monitor your competition. In the case of site analysis, which has completely forgotten some of the site owners altogether.

Regularly analyze your competitors

Know your rivals. You probably know many of your main rivals offline, besides you can post your keyword keywords to Google and see which sites are in the first place. You should analyze your rivals continuously and find out why their specific keywords are better than you. Of course, you are not supposed to copy them exactly, but you are going to broaden your vision and help you find better and more relevant solutions for your business.

Analyze your site accurately

Google Analytics is the most complete and authoritative source for analyzing your site. In Google Analytics, you can check out all the dimensions and angles of your site and see what happens in each section; from the most popular page on your site to demographic information and even the behavior of users on your page. The best thing to do is to analyze all your dimensions and angles on a monthly or weekly basis through Google Analytics and based on its analysis for content strategies for your site.

In order to use the best of analytics, make a general survey on a given day, then compare the amount of site visit to the first month at the end of the month. This comparison helps you see which methods work well and which ones are not, which ones are good hits and how your site processes. Are the visitors rising or falling, and much other useful information? To get a glimpse of Google Analytics, go to the article on Google Analytics.

And finally, I’m grateful to the article

Online space has a lot of potentials; for sale, introduction, advertising, marketing and more. But the specialty, patience, and patience. If you start your work in the right way and principles, create the right content, check your competitors and constantly check your process. Be sure to get a good result. Any questions, forms, or suggestions you have, just tell me in the comments.

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